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No family is perfect. A happy mum was on the verge of breakdown after learning that her son was not what he seemed: beneath his obedient persona was a drug abuser struggling to find his feet. Devastated by her discovery, the woman embarked on an obsessive mission to save her son, only to realise that her codependent behavior was wreaking havoc on her personal life and family. A realistic portrait of affected family members suffering from codependency, this short film shows us why and how codependent relationship breaks down and what it really takes for a family to rebuild.

Short Film on Drug Prevention Helium Balloon

While waiting for his drug dealer, Ah Ming saw a helium balloon in the sky – an image that sparked childhood memories of his dad. All things must pass, and while there were so many things that had slipped through his fingers in the past, a chance encounter with a magician brought him – along with a helium balloon – renewed hope and a sense of purpose to turn a new leaf .

Conference Promotional Video

In face of trauma, all parties – drug abusers, affected family members and even helping professionals – are facing an uphill battle to make sense and meaning of their lived experiences. Trauma-informed Care is both a theoretical framework and a set of practical skills to help us incorporate trauma-informed interventions into addiction treatment to mitigate the impact of trauma on clients.