Past Projects

Reaching the Unreachables and Breaking Codependency -Supporting Platform for Family Members of Substance Abusers

2014 – 2016

Sponsored by Beat Drugs Fund Association, Caritas Lok Heep Club launched a two-and-a-half-year project from July 2014, titled Co-dependency Support Program, to help affected family members to motivate substance abusers to seek help.

We discover that many family members are trapped in the cycle of codependency, in which they suffer from loss of self as well as mental and physical exhaustion. According to experience, improving symptoms of codependency can help family members to enhance drug abusers’ motivation to change.

As a result, we adopt a family approach so as to motivate hidden drug abusers to seek help. Through working with various organizations to hold workshops and street exhibitions as well as conduct outreach in the community, we hope to identify families having or showing symptoms of codependency, so as to provide them with appropriate service as soon as possible.