Lightening Soul, Renewing Life – Psychological Healing Support Services for Ex-drug Abusers and Their Family Members

Service Reflection

Caritas Lok Heep Club has successfully served clients from various organizations, providing them with trauma workshop and therapeutic groups.

Stage one and stage two of trauma therapeutic groups will focus on psychoeducation and emotional management. This is to help participants to understand what is trauma as well as its physical and psychological impact on individuals.

Content include the relationship between neuroscience and emotions, meditation and grounding exercises for stabilization, attachment problems within the family as well as means to strengthen social support network.

According to many drug abusers, looking into their personal problems and relationship with family members through the framework of trauma-informed care is an empowering process, during which their self-confidence and strengths can be enhanced.

Stage Three focuses on group dynamics and mutual support, through which drug abusers could better handle negative emotions resulting from trauma (e.g. loneliness, helplessness and shame). Drug abusers will receive casework services to stabilize physical and mental condition before entering this stage of group, followed up by assessment to ensure there would be safety and mutual trust within the group.

There is a close connection between trauma and drug use. Through incorporating trauma-informed practices into addiction treatment, we could help drug abusers to have a better understanding of the negative impact of trauma on their current emotional state and behavior, as well as provide them with appropriate care and encourage them to reintegrate into society through volunteering.